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Silvana Mansilla Senior editor

HeyDoc! is a nice application that can help you store your medical information in one place. You can include your personal information such as name, address, email, birth date, gender, blood type, photo, etc. It allows you to add your insurance information, the doctors you frequently visit, doctor appointments with reminders, emergency contacts, medical history and diet diary.
Regarding your medical information, you can add symptoms, doctor recommendations, prescriptions, vitamins and supplements, eye examination results, medical research and immunization records. For all these notes, you can select a specific font, color and formatting. The program also has the ability to generate charts about your blood pressure, pedometer, sleep, and weight, so you can easily print them and take them to the doctor. Apart from this, you can print any information you included in this program for a certain date range. What is more, the program also offers backup capabilities, so you never lose important medical information.
In short, HeyDoc! can help you store invaluable personal and medical information in one place and take it wherever you go.


  • Very customizable.
  • Easy to use.
  • It can generate reports.
  • Free.


  • None.

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Publisher's description

HeyDoc!? is a unique program that helps your doctor to keep you healthy. It provides an easy way to store and present all kinds of health information. HeyDoc!? is perfect for individuals, families, companies, camps, clinics, and groups. With HeyDoc!? all your personal medical information stays on your own computer. Nothing is stored on a server. Here are just some of the ways HeyDoc!? can help:
Keep your medical information readily available while on vacation. Perfect for traveling abroad.
When sending your kids to camp or for an overnight sleepover, send their medical information with them. Taking care of elderly parents. Any time you may have to visit multiple doctors or specialists.
Verification of records for hospitals and clinics. Quick and easy access to vital information for those with special needs. Encouraging healthy habits for employees. Have research, allergic reactions and special instructions ready to show health professionals. Improve your diet. Lose weight. Make it more enjoyable for children to improve their diet. Great for school projects concerning nutrition and health.

HeyDoc!? is specifically designed to record the following information in a user-friendly and printer-friendly way: Name and photograph, Emergency contact information, Weight tracking and average calories, Insurance or self-pay information, Medical history, Current symptoms, Doctor recommendations, Information and contact details for multiple doctors, Blood pressure records and charts Glucose levels (for diabetes), Pedometer counts, Diet diary information with calorie counter, Current and past medications,
Allergic reactions, Eye examinations, Special research and notes, Vitamins and supplements, Organ donor status, Blood type, Prescription tracking, Pain level chart, Cholesterol chart, Sodium intake chart, Temperature chart, Print a full report, or limit by time period or section, Multiple user profiles, Backup options, reminders and more.

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